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Boudoir Session

Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions I get about boudoir sessions and my process! I'm here to answer any and all of your burning questions about boudoir. If you have a question that you don't see on this page, feel free to send me a text or give me a call, send me an email, or fill out my inquiry form!

woman holding her hips in black lingerie looking into a vanity mirror

Where will my session take place?

All regularly scheduled boudoir sessions will take place at our GoggleWorks Center for the Arts studio location. Our studio is #529. It is an accessible building with a ramp, button-operated main door, and elevators.

Although I live and work in Berks County, PA 99% of the time, I am also willing to travel for sessions at your favorite destination location, though some fees may apply in these situations. 

Can I do a payment plan?

Are digitals included in the session fee?

I've never modeled. How will I know what to do?

Are you going to share my images?

Absolutely! I open dates for a full calendar year and allow you to prepay for your desired collection from the time that you book in all the way up to two weeks prior to your session. All of my prepayment plans are flexible and fully customizable to suit your budget needs.

No digitals or images are included in the session fee. All digitals, products and printed images are sold separately within one of my five collection options or a la carte. This way, you can customize exactly what you want to get out of your session to your personal taste and lifestyle!

None of my clients have either! My job is to guide you through the whole photography experience by posing from head to toe, including facial expression coaching. Some of the things I may ask you to do sound (and may feel) absolutely ridiculous, but I PROMISE you're going to have fun and the silly things will look amazing on camera! If at any point a pose is not working for you or you feel uncomfortable, you have full reign to tell me, and we can pivot and adjust as needed! I am here to help!

Never without your explicit, written consent! I adore when my clients feel so great about their images that they want me to share them, but your personal privacy is my utmost priority! You will sign a model release at your reveal appointment that tells me if you're choosing to allow sharing, and what, if anything, can and can't be shared! There are options for full, anonymous, partial/selected, and no release of images at all . You have full autonomy over this important and personal decision.

How far in advance should I book my session?

Do I need to do my own hair & makeup for my session?

Can you change the way my body looks?

My studio books out 2-3 months in advance, sometimes longer. My calendar is open for bookings on a rolling 12-month basis. You should be inquiring to book your session about 2-3 months (or more) ahead of your desired session date for optimal flexibility of your payment plan, and your session date should fall a minimum of 3 months before the date of any special occasion you will need your products for.

Of course not! One of the perks of booking with me is that hair & makeup is included complimentary in every session fee! I am a skilled beauty enthusiast, and there are several professional stylists that I work with to ensure you a look that lets you sparkle from the inside out! Let the pampering and luxury begin!

Lighting and posing are the bread and butter of good boudoir photography, but of course there is editing and photoshop that comes after! My philosophy is that if it's not permanent and won't be there in a couple weeks, I can remove it. This goes for acne, bug bites, etc. I cannot even sunburn or tan lines, and I will not alter the shape or size of your body in any way.

What should I wear for my session? Do I have to bring my own outfits/lingerie?

I got you, boo. Many of my clients opt to bring their own personal lingerie and outfits (or shop specifically for their sessions - FUN!) But none of that is necessary if it's not your thing! I have a client closet wardrobe stocked with a range of lingerie pieces from sizes 4X to S! All you really *need* to bring is a black & skin tone thong to wear underneath! Everything is washed & sanitized between uses! It is always nice to bring a few pieces or accessories of your own, though, to give your photos a personal touch! If shopping is your thing and/or you want to keep the special pieces you'll wear for your session, I have TONS of recommendations on where to shop for great pieces online & in-store, including plus-size lingerie and nonbinary/genderfluid specialty clothing & underwear recommendations!

When will I get to see my photos?

I know, the most exciting part! At the end of your session day before you leave, we'll schedule your Image Reveal Session for one to two weeks later. This is where you'll come back to the studio and see all of your final images for the first time, and customize any products you purchased! If you purchased digitals, you will receive your gallery after your reveal appointment.

Have questions you don't see answered here? 

Send me a text or give me a call: 484-525-0644

Send me an email:

Or inquire for more info through the form on my contact page!

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