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I have an important question for you: What do you look for in a photographer?

Updated: May 3, 2022

I am curious because when I first started photography, I had NO idea how saturated the market was! When I first started, I was charging just a couple hundred dollars for family, couples’, portrait sessions, and everything in between. My clients were in and out on their session day. No studio, no structured prep communication, just vibes. No, but seriously, all I did was exchange ideas on what to wear and when & where we would meet. Over text messages.

That was the best I could give at the time! My “packages” were all inclusive and there would be no money left over to invest in new things, better systems, or products for my clients, let alone to pay myself. A couple weeks after the shoot day, I would send them a digital gallery and a download code and that was the end of our time together. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Plus, I was working a 9-5 that was more pressing than my various weekend photo sessions! I was taking gorgeous photos, but my clients weren't receiving the quality of service that they deserved!

So, I chose to raise myself to a higher standard. I wanted to serve my clients better. I wanted to offer them so much more. I wanted to leave my 9-5 and focus all of my attention on giving them, giving you, the best photography experience I could be capable of. I wanted to specialize, because honestly, I’m WAY better at one-on-one interaction than I am wrangling and directing a whole family!

Today I can offer my clients the ultimate boudoir experience, complete with top-notch products, attention to detail, an incredible client communication system, tons of session preparation tips and advice, hair and makeup artistry, a complimentary client wardrobe, a beautifully styled and private studio, and private, in-person, and personal appointments with me for your boudoir experience and your image reveal.

Not only that, but I can provide you now with a specialized boudoir photographer who has taken the time to educate herself on the best posing, lighting, and shooting techniques for ALL different body types, skin tones, abilities, and insecurities. I can give you a photographer who is intentionally cultivating a space for her clients to feel comfortable being their true and favorite selves, where she does her best to make sure her clients are safe, supported, and heard. One who strives to create an experience that is empowering, inclusive, sensitive to trauma, accessible, and consent-based.

Does all of this come at a cost? Absolutely. Boudoir photography comes with a luxury price tag for good reason. I make this 4-figure investment of boudoir as financially accessible as possible by opening dates for a full calendar-year, offering customizable & interest-free payment plans from the day you book until your session, and offering a range of collections and products to choose from, from the basic-est to the boujie-est.

When thinking about what you want in a photographer, remember that how they treat you, how they make you feel, how well you get along, their values, their compassion and respect for you, the service they offer you outside of just photography, are all just as if not more important than the pretty photos you receive at the end. You are more than just a client, you are a human.

So, do you want a photographer who is more than just a photographer, who is trained to give you a full experience that is as personally empowering as the photos are beautiful? I’m ready when you’re ready!

Be bold and put yourself first, click here to inquire for your own self-love session.

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