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Hot Reminder: Roe v. Wade is NOT a "Women's" Health Issue

Think about the consequences of your words. If you are a business owner talking about this issue right now, I beg you to think of your clients. Who are they? Do you claim to be inclusive? Then ask yourself whether you are really illustrating that value right now.

Roe v. Wade is NOT a "women's" health issue. Think of all of the people that statement erases from the conversation.

Here's what I wrote in the Coquette Boudoir "backstage boudie" Facebook VIP group on June 26:

"I keep asking myself, 'How do I show up right now?'

Especially on social media. And especially for my business.

Because I’m in the business of empowerment, right? But I’m not feeling very empowered when I’m scrolling social media right now. And I’m certain that many of you are feeling the same way. I can only scroll for about 5 minutes before I’m too anxious and triggered to keep going.

This is a traumatic time, ESPECIALLY for marginalized communities. Women, yes. But I mean for black, indigenous, people of color, who will be disproportionately impacted. And for trans and non-binary folk who are entirely left out of “women’s” health. The fact is, women aren’t the only ones who are impacted by the turnover of Roe. Women are not the only ones who have ovaries and uteruses and wombs, and the ability to become pregnant. As I think about my own anxiety and discomfort, I am also thinking about the anxiety of those people who are already too often living waking nightmares in this country.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t know what’s right to say or do right now. But I want to at very least provide resources without adding to the chatter and noise, and without triggering more impacted people with infographics and graphic stories shared to Instagram stories. (Not to say it’s wrong to do that - it IS good to spread this info. I am just managing my own social media presence right now by not reading or sharing things that trigger me.)

I want you to know that you are taken care of with me. That you have somewhere to turn and that I will do all I can to provide the resources you need."

I posted this on my Instagram story on June 26:

"Adding a resource list as a page on my website and link will be added to the links page in my bio.

This will include websites and orgs compiled for abortion and reproductive health info / access / resources.

I would also like to add a list of resources for other issues my clients or people browsing my website may be facing. I will share a list on the next slide, then I will ask if there are issues you have in mind or that impact you that you would like to be included in this list.

I would be so grateful if you could participate with anything you can add here. I want to make this a valuable resource for you and as many people as I can.

Thank you a million times for your help compiling this list and for being generous with your knowledge and resources. It does not go unnoticed.

I am conducting my own research and compiling sources on my own as well.

This may take a little while to get to a useful state, but I will share as soon as I have a solid list started and it can be something like a living document that I will continue to update."

If you have resources to share or topics to add, please use the form on the resource page to suggest updates, edits or additions.

I love you all. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

Xx, Kailee

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