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YOUR body,
your STORY.

period. full stop.

You deserve full autonomy over how you present yourself to the world, but for some of us, that means we are holding back valuable and beautiful parts of ourselves on a daily basis. Whether it is for our jobs, our children, society, or anything else, there are standards imposed on us everywhere we turn. This is the part of your story where you say F*CK those standards! 

Your story and who you are is yours alone, and although the world isn't always a safe place to express that, I am going to do my damndest to make sure that you are able to express those parts of yourself HERE. I am here to honor your humanity and your favorite parts of yourself, or, the parts of yourself that you've kept hidden away for too long. It is time to break free.


Whether you are just starting your self-love and acceptance journey or are making strides on your path, I am here to guide you through the photography session that is going to help you feel like YOU again. You'll leave the studio with peace of mind, knowing that you have been boldly documented as the wonderful human you exist as in this world. <3

PSSST! We'd love to have you join our exclusive Facebook group where you can meet Kailee and other badass boudie babes on their self-love journeys, compete in games to receive awesome gifts, and learn more about the boudoir experience!



There are so many beautiful reasons to do a boudoir session. I've compiled some of my favorite reasons to invest in a boudoir photography experience below!

- to feel confident

- to commemorate a milestone

- to celebrate your birthday

- to honor who you are today

- to feel agency over your body and presentation

- because you are tired of hiding yourself / your body

- as a big "fuck you" to the patriarchy

- to show off your dope ass lingerie collection

- to celebrate your wedding

- to affirm your gender or personal identit(y/ies)

- to get in touch with a side of yourself that you were taught is reserved for the enjoyment of others

- to have a secret

- to celebrate a breakup / divorce

- to "come out" - whatever that might mean to you!

- because it's on your hot girl summer bucket list

- to embrace your sexuality

- to appreciate your physical form

- to recognize a fitness goal

- to see yourself in print

- as a gift to yourself or a loved one

- because you're worth it

& the list goes on and on...

My "why"

From the unrealistic beauty standards imposed on us since birth, to the body expectations perpetuated by our society, I know just how hard it can be to find confidence every day. That is why I am committed to creating a space where my clients can feel like the badass b*tch that they really are. From the moment you walk in the door, throughout the glamming process, and your whole session, I will be your personal hype-woman. Time and time again, I see my clients transform before my eyes. Why? Because we, as femmes, are taught to compete with each other from the moment we arrive in this world. So many of us are not used to other women building us up. I wanted to change this.

Marginalized people deserve more places in this world where we are free to be ourselves without the judgement or gaze of others! By the end of a session with me, my clients are relaxed, excited, and amazed at the person they saw on the back of my camera. They are more positive than the moment they walked in my door, and most of them can't stop smiling! Their nerves have melted away, and they are ready to take on the world! Not to mention the healing that takes place during a session, as my clients begin to see themselves as they are, and accept this person entirely.

I LOVE seeing my clients transform by the end of their sessions, ready to reclaim their space in the world! Sometimes, you just need a beautiful reminder of just how magnificent you really are. And that is what I am here to do!

Need more convincing? Check out this blog post! If not...


woman in red lingerie set and black stiletto heels leaning over vanity to look at herself in the mirror boudoir image

may this be the
beginning of your 

self-love revolution

The boudoir studio is located in Reading, PA at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts.
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