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Why Boudoir? From the perspective of a Berks County Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Since I was a young girl, I always wanted to be in a history book. I wanted to do something amazing, to make an impact, be remembered for my contributions helping other people. I've always been a documentarian of sorts, scribbling down and capturing the little bits of life that go unnoticed by passersby.

I made the leap to boudoir in February of 2021, just after a Valentine's Day photoshoot of one of my friends from college, who wanted to do a session to embrace her newfound confidence and hair journey, and show off her gorgeous, new SavagexFenty lingerie set!

Doing that shoot, I remember thinking that I felt so creatively free and fulfilled! Then, when my client finally saw her photos, she texted me to tell me that she finally understood why people get photoshoots all the time - it feels GOOD.

I realized that this wasn't just a creative direction for me; I was being called to uplift people and document them on their self-love journeys.

"To love yourself, just as you are, is an act of rebellion."

You see, there is so much media out there, on every social platform we scroll on, on TV, in movies, on shop windows, that tells us how we are supposed to be. But what if we decided, "Hey, the me that I am today? That is more than enough."

And it's true.

In today's society... to love yourself, just as you are, is an act of rebellion.

We are taught to hide our bodies from our very first moments in school: No bra straps, no tank tops, 3-finger width straps, bottoms must fall below the fingertips. We are taught that we are a "distraction," and therefore, that our comfort, agency, and education, are less important than others'. ... Not anymore.

For the next 7 months, I photographed countless women on their own unique journeys of self-acceptance. Now I am bringing boudoir photography to Berks County.

To strip down to our skivvies in front of a stranger... Well, it's not everyone's idea of liberating.

But, when you realize just how many women elect to "take" the picture of their friends, because they don't want to see themselves...

When you realize that children's self-esteem is learned from their parents...

When you realize that the incredible person you exist as today won't be the same person next year...

When you realize that you deserve to see yourself, and preserve this person you are today...

That is when you realize, you are worth it.

When I started this, I wanted to give people a way to see themselves the way that their closest loved ones see them: intimate, powerful, beautiful, badass.

I know the world needs more empowered women. I know that you are one of them.

Your session will be a reminder of your strength, your beauty, your inner goddess. May it serve to remind you of all that your body does for you to keep you alive, and to have wonderful sensory experiences. May it remind you of all you have accomplished and all the life you have yet to live.

When I started this, it was a creative vision. Now it has grown into something so much more: a movement.

Will you be a part of the rebellion?

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